Known by the Lord (Psalm 139)

Pastor Kevin explores Psalm 139.

Study questions for message (also in .pdf format below):

  1.  How does the reality of God’s intimate knowledge of me (Psa. 139:1-6) and His inescapable presence (Psa. 139:7-12) provide encouragement in the circumstances of life?
  2.  Read Psa. 139:5. How does that image ensure me of God’s incredible security?
  3.  At what point is God first engaged in my life (vv. 13-16)? What implications does this have for my life?
  4.  Consider: Am I ready for God to expose to me my inner attitudes and motivations, so I can yield them to His transforming grace (vv. 23-24)?

Below are links to some applicable worships songs:
Unstoppable God (Sanctus Real)
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Our God is For Us (CityAlight)