Sermons by Pastor Kevin Leach

Recognizing the Signs: A Call to Enduring Expectation

Pastor Kevin shares a message that is particularly relevant for the circumstances that are surrounding our current society and culture.  As the time gets closer to Christ’s return, we are called to enduring expectation in the midst of increasingly difficult opposition. Please note that due to technical difficulties with the video, this week’s message is…

But God

God desires to interrupt the mundane course of our natural lives to insert the contrasting conjunction of His divine plan and purpose. In and of ourselves, we are totally inadequate, but two words completely change the reality of the situation. The two words, “But God,” interrupt the flow of natural living to allow for the…

Declaring Our Faith Through Baptism

Pastor Kevin takes a look at the significance of water baptism – both for the individual Christ-follower, as well as the body of Christ as a whole. Christian baptism is a public declaration of a believer’s personal faith in Jesus Christ and a wonderful picture of the spiritual identification that has taken place.